Everything You Should Know before You Eat Airplane Food


Have you experienced eleventh-hour packing, slipped into a random outfit and running to reach the airport to board?  You may skip your food in order to board on time. What now, you simply end up eating airplane food. It is always quite doubtful whether we can eat in-flight meals or not. You wonder, is it tasty or healthy? Let’s find out. There are a few things you should know before eating airplane food.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the management of food safety such as airline caterers and airlines is organized by the FDA. Inspections are done far less than they should be. It provides suggestions to local health agencies to investigate restaurants.

Digestion Problem Can Be Avoided

If you skip your meal before embarking on a flight,  then you tend to eat the airplane meal. It is not a good idea to munching while flying for hours because your system undergoes overdrive to digest. As a result, you may feel groggy and dizzy than normal. You should be conscious of taking food on time.

It is better to eat something before 2-3 hours before boarding the plane. You need to provide time to digest before getting on the flight.

Don’t Opt for Coffee

Caffeine will dehydrate the body. It is not a good idea to opt for it. Kindly switch coffee with bottled water or any beverages which are completed sealed. As per Dr. Forest, “It’s not a huge problem to drink caffeine but includes water also.”

Stop Taking Alcohol

You should know a few things before considering in-flight foods. Don’t forget to think about what will happen to your body if you take alcohol while traveling on a plane. When you fly on a plane for hours at high altitudes, it shuts down your digestive system and you should be aware that alcohol is completely dehydrating. On the flight, you may experience low humidity plus your body will sense the drying experience. Additionally, the effects of alcohol will be more than on the ground and lower your immune system.

Skip Ice in Your Drinks

You should avoid cool drinks with ice cubes while flying on the flight. Most of the ice cubes of airplanes are made from tap or tank water which may contain bacteria. As per EPA Study on 2004, they came up with the result that water supplies of the airplane have only 15 % in health standards. You can opt for bottled water instead.

 Tips to Follow Before You Board on the Plane

  • Eat your full meal 2 hours before getting on the plane.
  • Avoid foods like tea, coffee, sandwiches, nuts, and seeds, carbohydrate beverages.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Don’t eat the food spilled on the tray.

These are the major things you must keep in mind before eating airplane food. You should not skip your meal before stepping out from the home to catch your flight. Try to ignore the full meal on the flight instead of drink water till you get down. Once you reach your destination you can treat yourself to a delicious feast to avoid repenting for not being able to eat on the plane.


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