Drop a Jean Size Workout


Drop a jean size through workout and diet control. It is not magic but you can certainly reduce weight through the workout and certain diet modifications. It is frustrating when you are not able to wear your favorite jeans just because you have gained some weight. It’s like a two-way agony that you are unable to wear jeans and have put on weight.

How Can I Drop a Jean Size with a Proper Diet?

Today there are so many precooked and packed foods available for weight loss. But we cannot be sure whether they do what they promise. Also, these foods have added flavors and preservatives and consuming them may become a health concern. Follow a promising diet that is prepared at home.

Listen to your body and avoid food that you are allergic to even though the particular food has weight loss properties. Some people are allergic to citrus fruits. But citrus fruits are good for weight loss as they contain fiber. If you are allergic to citrine pick some other alternative like berries. Yogurt is not only good for weight loss but also a natural probiotic which helps to maintain a healthy gut.

How Can I Drop a Jean Size with the Workout?

Dropping a jean size is about losing around 15 pounds. Though a weight loss diet may help you lose weight only a proper workout schedule may help you in spot reduction such as in your abdomen and thighs. The focus areas include your abdomen and thighs. Losing 15 pounds of weight does come with few sacrifices including getting up early and hitting the gym. Keep a weekly target of 1.5 kg weight reduction.

How to Drop a Jean Size without Going to Gym?

If you are not a gym person try these methods to drop a jean size. You need a vigorous workout schedule to reduce the target weight in a couple of months.

Trekking Combined with Cycling: 

Join trekking and cycling clubs and follow the routines strictly. Avoid using a four-wheeler and use the bicycle for commuting. Cycling works out the muscles in the abdomen and thigh areas.

Floor Exercises: 

Dedicate 30 to 40 minutes for your workouts for abdomen crunches and squats. Do them in a repetitive manner. Leg lift and planks help to work out the core muscles and shed weight.

To drop a jean size with a workout you need to take it real slow as sudden weight loss contributes to many adverse effects in the body’s internal organs. It starts from a low-level target like losing 1.5 pounds per week and gradually increases up to 1.8 pounds by the end of the fourth week. In a month you can reduce around 8 to 10 pounds. Drop a jean size: conviction and determination are the keys.


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