Do Women Love Food More Than Romance?


You tend to spend the whole day, dreaming about your girlfriend, but do you think she too thinks about you? Well, there are more chances of her thinking about a pizza more than you! Yes, in many surveys, men admitted that they spend most of the time thinking or fantasising about their favourite women. But women on the other hand, admitted that they think more about their favourite foods. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all women think only about food. But read on to know what a surveys claims…

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Fact #1 A recent study claims that nearly 25% of the women love to fantasise food! Surprised? Yes, they admitted that they think about tasty snacks every 30 minutes in the day.

Fact #2 The women who think about food all the time, seldom do have time to day dream about a handsome man. Only 10% of the women are said to think about lovemaking.

Fact #3 The survey also came up with certain other interesting facts. Most of the women who are in relationships, don’t feel comfortable to eat when the partner is seeing.

Fact #4 Around 40% of the women constantly feel as if they are deprived of snacks. They feel as if they are on a diet even though they aren’t.

Fact #5 When researchers analysed why most of the women feel deprived of food and why they constantly think about food more than romance, they came to know that it is because of men. The people around, the media and the whole society has emphasised too much on an ideal body shape. This made most of the women conscious about dieting and food habits. This resulted in more carvings in them and this is ultimately why they think more about food.

Fact #6 Around 70% of the women admitted that they would prefer a chocolate over a kiss and a good meal over a session of lovemaking!


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