Amazing Mascara Hacks for Perfect Lashes


Mascaras are great when it comes to amping up your eyes!. Just 2 coats and you are good to go, but it isn’t as easy as it may sound. Applying mascaras is an art and can be quite tricky, and so we are here to help you get those voluminous lashes. Here are  mascara hacks every lady should know,

A)Keep It Clean

A clean mascara wand means much smoother application and a more even finish. Wash it every alternate week with warm water to get rid of any mascara build-up. Meanwhile, keep the tube covered with some scotch-tape during cleaning, to prevent hardening of the product. Ensure the wand is completely dry before placing it back in the tube. Next, prior to applying, wipe excess product off the wand, thereby leaving just the right amount needed to coat the lashes.

B)Re-Apply Using An Old Brush

Re-applying mascara at the end of the day can be a tricky business. Never dispose of your old mascara tube. Pour some drops of a make-up remover on an old mascara brush and use it on your lashes to dilute and remove the already set mascara. Go on and apply a fresh coat.

C)Heat It Up

Another useful tip is to avoid the hassles of clumpy, cakey mascara by warming it up slightly, before applying. Simply roll the tube briskly between your palms, and the heat from your body will warm the product, enabling a smooth, clump-free application.

D)Heat Your Eyelash Curler

If you use an eyelash curler before applying your mascara, a great hack is to heat it using your hairdryer for 15-20 seconds and then curl your eyelashes. Try it, you will see the difference yourself.

E)Be Choosy

Be sure to invest in a mascara that suits you. Choosing water-proof mascara is essential, as ‘raccoon eyes’ look adorable on them, not on us. It’s also important to know the finish of your mascara. For instance, sparse lashes require a volumizing formula, whereas short lashes need curling and lengthening options. This also implies choosing the right shape of brush being used.

F)Wiggle & Roll

One of the easiest and tested ways to apply mascara is to hold the wand at the bottom of the lash and wiggle it so as to create volume and then roll it upwards. Apply another coat neatly to get a full lash.

G)Trick n’ Treat

Primp your eyes with this quick 3-step trick. First, apply a single coat of mascara on your eyelashes. Next, douse a makeup brush in baby powder and gently dab it on the first coat, ensuring the powder doesn’t enter your eyes. Lastly, finish off with a second and final coat of mascara. Your eyelashes will instantly appear full and thick.

H)Use A Business Card

While applying mascara, keep a business card handy to prevent it from getting on your eyelids and/or spoiling your eye makeup. Just keep it above/below your lashes while applying so that any spillage gets on the card.

I)Wear It Right

It’s always advisable to allow your mascara time to dry and set between coats. Use an eyelash comb to carefully remove any clumps of excess product, so the next coat can be applied smoothly. Opt for mascara that will curl your lashes outward, so you don’t need an eyelash curler. Additionally, switch from your conventional black mascara to a tinted one. Purple, mauve and turquoise blue add a dash of excitement and tend to brighten the eyes, making them appear larger. Lastly, be sure to change your mascara every 3 to 6 months, to keep your eyes healthy and avoid bacterial build up.

J)Use A Q-Tip

And just in case you manage to get some mascara on your eyelid, put some make-up remover on a Q-tip and clear the spillage easily.


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