5 ways to make your child actually listen to you


Making a child listen to what you are saying is probably a big nightmare, faced by all the parents. There comes a phase, when kids turn rebel or are just simply lost in their own sweet world. In such a situation, it becomes hard for the parents to make them listen to what they are saying.

Here are a few ways by which you ensure that you kid is actually listening to you:

Shorten your sentences

Many a times, the main gist of what you are saying gets lost in between longer sentences. Keep your sentences short and to-the-point. Kids usually have a very short attention span, due to which they can get distracted in no time. Thus, make sure your instructions don’t lose their essence and gets delivered to your kid efficiently.

Have their full attention before speaking

Never start speaking until you have your kid’s full attention. Connect with them and ensure that they are listening to you before saying anything to them. Don’t order your kid to do something by shouting from a different room. Go close to your kid and ensure that he is paying attention to what you are saying.

Say it gently

Always be gentle with your tone. It might become irritating at times to handle kids, but you must never lose your temper. This will not only have a bad impact on them but will also make them not abide by you. You must always keep your tone sweet and say thank you in advance, to make your kids not only listen but also do what they are asked to.

Do away with negative commands

Asking a kid not to do to something, makes him do that thing more. If your kid is in a rebel mode, he might never respond to your instructions. You might ask him not to play with the ball or not to play with the food, and he might end up doing it more than before. In such a situation, it is best to avoid using negative statements and use other methods instead.

Use playful ways

Instead of using negative words, use playful techniques. Kids are more receptive to instructions which are given in a fun-frolic manner, rather than those given as an order. You can use a squeaky voice to attract their attention or use a hand puppet to make it fun for them.


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