5 Ways to Ease Muscle Spasms in Runners


Running is a great activity for a healthy BMI. While some are occasional runners, there are others who take up the task on a daily basis. Whatever be the case, there is always an instance or two when runners encounter muscle spasm during a jog. The reason can be anything from intense muscle strain, an uneven jogging track, or vigorous exercise without proper warm up. Not only can it be painful but also disrupt you from doing your day-to-day activities. So here are 5 ways to combat muscle spasm and relax those strained ligaments.

1.  Rest

The best treatment ever for a muscle spasm or stiffness is to simply rest as any further movement or attempts to treat the injury will only cause more harm. Let the stiffened muscles relax for a day or two before you begin with the treatment. This will help the ligaments get some self-healing, and helps you cure sooner.

2. Heat Compression

Once you get enough rest, heat compression could come as the first remedy. Heat increases the blood flow and relaxes the tightness caused by muscle strain. This treatment can be used in any part of the body that has become tight because of running. You can also make use of a warm towel for the same to ease the pain if any.

3. Over-The-Counter Drugs

There is often a lot of discomfort when it comes to muscle tightness. If you are looking for immediate relief, there are several non-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants your general practitioner might recommend depending on the level of muscle strain. Ibuprofen is the most commonly administered over-the-counter medicine, but should be taken only when advised by the doctor.

4. Slow Stretches

This treatment comes handy when you have tight calf muscles. Slow stretching and holding it for a few seconds before relaxing can loosen the tissues. In case you encounter pain while doing this, rest your leg for a while and repeat the same. In case the pain is prolonged, it is better to stop it right away and go for further examination.

5. Hydrate

Drink as much as electrolyte-based drinks to keep your body hydrated. Running is a high-impact activity with which you can easily lose energy. Keeping your body hydrated is very important to relax the muscles and get back to normal during this time.

Running involves a lot of muscle movement and hence is a great activity to tone your body. But, it is always advisable to have a warm-up session before you head for a jog. This will help loosen your muscles, saving you from sprain and ligament tear.


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