5 Types of Black Dresses for Women in Their 20s


We have all heard about the versatility of the LBD aka the little black dress, but who is to say that we have to stick to that one black dress in our wardrobe? There are just so many occasions in our lives, and so many cuts, sizes and styles that make certain dresses more apt depending on the occasion. So what exactly are the must-have black dresses that should be in our closets? Here’s a quick list of five key black dresses to make you the style-savvy chick in your social circle.

No matter how much a person likes to go full-on glam, there will always be days when we’d like nothing more than to take things easy. And what better way to do so than with a totally chill LBD? With a loose comfortable fit, a casual black dress is exactly what you need for your lazy days.

To really sweeten the pot, despite its simplicity, a casual black dress also offers an effortlessly stylish air. For the fashion-conscious, this is a definite bonus! Who says you need to sacrifice style for comfort?

Life is not all fun and games. Once we enter adulthood, the need to take on more responsibility arises, and with it, the need to look the part. With days at the office and job interviews becoming our bread and water, a polished sheath dress is essential–it is exactly what your closet needs that a regular LBD cannot easily fulfill.

And as if to make things better, you can easily take this look after work hours. All you have to do is change your office footwear to sandals and your understated jewellery to something more fun and statement-making!

Just like there’ll be days when you’d like to chill out and laze around, there’ll also be days when you’d like to have fun. Since fashion is a form of creative expression, a cute mini slip dress is bound to do the trick! Or just about, before you head out to enjoy your day. Because for many women, dressing up is merely part of the fun. And here’s the thing about black dresses–they’re the perfect canvas for accessorizing with. You can go crazy with lots of colours and styles, creating a look that is your very own.

On one hand, while formal dinners aren’t usually anyone’s idea of a good time, it doesn’t take the joy out of dressing up for one. For this particular affair, a black lace dress is exactly what the doctor ordered. It’s formal enough for a dinner yet not so much that it would look like you’re planning to go to a ball.

And although it is customary to go all-out with accessories when it comes to LBDs, this is one LBD you’d want to keep things toned down for. Opt for an understated jewellery and shoes to really tie the sophisticated look together.

As the years roll by, we start to discover the surprising need to slip out of our favourite t-shirt and jeans, and into something fancier–like a gown. The first couple of times it happens, we’d panic, wondering where on Earth we’d be able to find a good gown in time. You can’t just wear just anything to a special function or surprise gala. This is where the fabulous black gown steps in. Simple yet elegant in its design, such a dress offers the versatility of turning up the drama with statement jewellery, or toning things down with something more understated. The perfect addition to any fashionista’s wardrobe.



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