5 Things to Remember Before You Get Inked!


Getting the first tattoo is a dream for many and might sometimes go unfulfilled. But if you are lucky enough to get a nod from your mom, then there’s literally nothing that could stop you from having inked. But, before you mark your skin with the art of your choice, there are a few aspects that need attention and we have put forth a few.

Think before you act

Well, we do agree with all the excitement and adrenaline rush while you wait in the studio for the artist to call you. But, slow down; take a deep breath, and make sure you have a pre-planned image in mind. Keeping your mind stable without wavering thoughts will ensure the artist actually understands your requirement to reproduce it on your skin. Moreover, leave aside your other appointments! You are going to need some good time to realize that you are getting something permanent done on your body.

Don’t hold back your wallet

Cost cutting is definitely not going to help you. Properly licensed tattoo studios do cost a fortune, but, it is absolutely worth to get inked from a well-renowned artist. Make sure the atmosphere is hygienic and the needles are well sterilized. You will thank yourself later for noticing these simple aspects. Any place that is low on budget might be ok for a dress shopping, but not for a tattoo.

A strict no to alcohol

Not lifelong, but one or two days before you plan to get inked. Consuming alcohol before a tattoo is probably the worst idea one could come up with. Apart from thinning the blood and prolonging the healing process, it is best advised to get a tattoo while you’re sober than regret the decision later.

Have a word with your practitioner

It is always recommended to discuss your idea with a general physician if your skin is sensitive or have scars or wounds on the skin. Even when your tattoo artist used the best needle and dyes for creating your dream image, there are chances that it might go wrong because of various other factors. This is not to scare you, but, let your artist know that you are prone to infection. Similarly, anti-inflammatory drugs also should be taken with caution as overdose might lead to other health hazards.

Be prepared

It does hurt to an extent. Tattoo remains an open wound for a while until it gets fully adapted to your skin. Be it your neck, or arm, or leg, it is going to ache for some time. So, stay in a mindset to bear a little pain. And you can cherish your tattoo for a lifetime.

There are loads of articles and blogs for the aftercare as well. These aren’t to drop the whole idea of getting inked but to keep in mind the precautionary measures that come handy to avoid mishaps.


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