5 Easy and Effective Exercise for Obese Beginners


If you are here to learn exercise for obese beginners, you are one step closer to healthiest you. Regardless of your size, shape, and weight, starting a simple exercise routine and lifestyle changes will have a good impact on your health. If you are dealing with obesity, you need to be active to keep good control of blood glucose, blood pressure, lipid levels, heart health, and more. Though exercise may not alone lead to significant health benefits, combining it with a healthy diet will have better results.

Starting a new exercise routine is hard for everyone but if you are overweight, it can be harder. Exercise for Obese Beginners isn’t always available at your local fitness studio/gym. Planning an exercise program on your own can be both confusing and uncomfortable. If you are obese, follow a proper exercise routine to lose weight and change the way you feel about yourself, boost your mood, and improve your health. You must enjoy your workout and find a weight loss program to suit your needs.

Best Exercise for Obese Beginners

Before you start any exercise routine, you need to make sure you are healthy enough for physical activity. You should properly equip yourself for your exercise session and make sure you feel comfortable through the routine. Choose the best exercise for obese beginners from the list below.

1. Walking

It is an obvious choice for obese beginners. Walking requires very little equipment and can be done everywhere. Walking is a low impact; it improves the mobility and strength of the lower body. If you experience hip pain, back, or knee pain, you need to consult your healthcare provider for a better fitness routine.

2. Aqua Jogging

Water activities are suitable for obese people especially if they have painful joints. Aqua jogging involves running in the water with the help of a buoyancy belt. Aqua jogging is the best exercise for obese beginners if done properly. You need to start slowly and increase your workout duration to feel fit.

3. Group Exercise Class

The best way to stick to your exercise routine is to develop a social support system. Group exercise classes are a perfect place to find friends and motivate each other to lose weight. If you are not ready for group classes, you can invest in good DVDs or online streaming classes and start exercise at home.

4. Strength Training

There are many good reasons obese beginners should start a strength training program. It helps you correct postural issues, increase the range of motion in all your joints, boosts your metabolism, and build muscle when your body is at rest. You can start lifting weights at home with the help of a personal trainer. You should also learn simple exercises to get started and keep you in good shape.

5. Mind-Body Exercise

Mind-body exercise like Tai Chi, yoga & meditation is an easy exercise for obese beginners. Those who find it difficult to do yoga poses can try Tai Chi that uses a range of motion in the joints. Mind-body exercises help decrease stress and it also improves your sleep to lose weight.

Give Yourself a Pat on Your Back

If you are doing it! Remember, no matter what exercise you choose, it is important to continue doing it. Don’t be afraid of this list instead find an activity that you enjoy. Follow the plan and track your progress. If you find it difficult, you can consult your healthcare provider or fitness trainer. Have you tried any of these exercises for obese beginners? Share your experience.


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