5 Best and Worst Home Remedies for Your Hemorrhoids


A physician provides advice on what can and cannot be done at home.

Are you tired of having to visit your neighborhood pharmacy each time you need hemorrhoid relief? Instead, you might want to think about attempting some at-home cures! Natural remedies have proven to help shrink them down, but make sure you’re informed before you start treating these unpleasant guests at home.

First of all, acknowledge that hemorrhoids are a typical feature of the human body. Typically, they don’t hurt. says MD Jeremy Lipman, a colorectal surgeon.

According to Dr. Lipman, any change you observe around your anus should get checked out by your physician to make sure there’s nothing more serious going on. Especially if you see blood.

There are numerous methods people might attempt to reduce hemorrhoids once you’re certain that’s what’s causing the symptoms. Some are hazardous while others function properly.

The best home remedies for hemorrhoids

It is essential to get a good diagnosis before attempting home therapies. Dr. Lipman advises that if you experience bleeding, you should consult your physician, particularly if you have never experienced hemorrhoids.

Once you have received a correct diagnosis, you can begin looking into these natural remedies:

1. Sitz baths

Experts typically advise patients experiencing discomfort from hemorrhoids to sit in warm water for 15 minutes, several times a day, particularly after having a bowel movement.

Dr. Lipman states, “This is one of the best treatments.” A neighborhood drugstore usually sells sitz baths for hemorrhoids. This little bowl is a handy method to relax and soak the area, and it fits neatly over your toilet. You can also just sit in a bathtub filled with warm water.

2. Psyllium husk

A dietary supplement called psyllium husk helps you consume more fiber and softens feces so they are easier to pass. Take cautious not to add more fiber too soon, since this could potentially result in gas or cramping in the stomach.

Use this to help promote more regular bowel motions and soften stool. Your hemorrhoids are more likely to go away if your stools are soft and pass easily. If you use this supplement, make sure to stay hydrated, advises Dr. Lipman.

3. Aloe vera

Hemorrhoidal inflammation may be lessened by aloe vera’s anti-inflammatory qualities. Research on its specific application for hemorrhoid treatment is lacking, but it has demonstrated some promise for other inflammatory skin problems.

Dr. Lipman says this is safe to try only if it’s pure aloe (and not in a cream with other ingredients).

The worst home remedies for hemorrhoids

These two natural treatments for hemorrhoids may possibly be familiar to you. Regretfully, if you can, Dr. Lipman advises against using these to relieve hemorrhoids’ pain.

1. Apple cider vinegar

According to some patients, using apple cider vinegar to treat hemorrhoids can instantly relieve discomfort and irritation.

“I don’t recommend using this remedy as it may burn the skin with overuse and exacerbate problems,” says Dr. Lipman.

2. Tea tree oil

Some claim that the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities of tea tree oil can lessen hemorrhoid-related swelling and itching. Studies are few, however preliminary research indicated that a tea tree oil gel reduced symptoms.

Dr. Lipman recommends not trying this remedy as it isn’t well studied.

Before attempting a home remedy, always see your doctor. If problems occur during any treatment, discontinue the at-home hemorrhoids cure right once.

Remember, to help treat and prevent hemorrhoids it’s important to eat enough fiber (25 grams a day for women, 38 grams a day for men) and to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. By altering one’s diet, one can facilitate the passage of feces and prevent recurrence of the issue.


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