10 Ice Creams you Must Try


No matter what the day has brought your way, ice cream always comes with a cool, reassuring hug that makes everything feel right with the world. A good cup or a crunchy waffle cone, with your favourite ice cream scoop, is the best comfort food. Be it a terrible heartbreak or special moments with loved ones, they all feel incomplete without the melting scrumptiousness of ice creams.

Choosing a flavour never seems like a problem when you have your favourite. But, when you’re in the mood to try something new – the buffet of flavours is truly endless.

Let’s start the list of best ice creams in Pune with Coldpan. This delight is perfect, especially when trying to battle the harsh heat. The combination of French vanilla ice cream with a real litchi flavour is sure to leave you pleased and cool.

Coolest Scoop: Litchi Lust

2.Polar Bear
Looking for the ultimate chocolate overload? Look no further that this ice cream place in Pune. Chocolate ice cream, chocolate bar, gooey chocolate cake, chocolate sauce, laced with whipped cream, Oreo chunk sprinkles and a rich garnish of chocolate waffle, gems, chocos and some more chocolate bar.

Coolest Scoop: Chocozilla

3.Cream Stone
This luxury ice cream company from the United States offers a wide range of smoothies, shakes, ice creams, frozen yogurts, ice cream sandwiches, and cakes. Every day, their ice cream is churned from the finest ingredients and combined with your choice of chocolates, cakes, fruits, toppings, and more at their six locations across the city. What do we recommend at this amazing ice cream place in Pune? Who You Callin’ Shortcake or Cheesecake Fantasy!

Coolest Scoop: Jamun

4.Apsara Ice Creams
A premium ecstasy reminiscent of the iconic Ferrero Rocher. Experience the creamy nuttiness of hazelnuts dipped in chocolate sauce and sprinkles with chocolate chips.

Coolest Scoop: Funky Ferrero

Grab a colossal flavour range of ice-cream tacos and cookie dough scoops at this dessert bar, with dollops of additional love and toppings. With a cute ambience, it is a great place to satisfy after-dinner cravings and has a gala time with friends. Whether you’re a fruit dessert person or prefer chocolate-based options, there is something for everyone. This ice cream place in Pune also does cookie dough scoops in red velvet, salted caramel, coffee kurant and more flavours.

Coolest Scoop: Absolute Berry

6.Rajmandir Ice Cream
This is a cute ice cream place that doles out a wide range of sweet treats. It is a nice spot to satiate the sweet tooth. The joint has a great ambience leaving plenty of room for conversations and is well-suited to hang out with office buddies. The ice creams are unique and refreshing and will liven you up in a jiffy. So, head to this ice cream parlour in Pune to dive into the world of the best and most luscious ice cream.

Coolest Scoop: Chocolate

7.Pasteur Bakery
Since colonial times, this 80-year-old institution has been serving delectable cakes and biscuits, and little has changed since then. In addition to their famed softy, sundaes, and other ice cream flavours, Pasteur’s dessert parlour serves wonderful vegetarian munchies and street-style chaat. The flavours are traditional, and the ice cream is vintage. So, take a journey down memory lane at this ice cream place in Pune.

Coolest Scoop: Rum and raisin, Romantic Ripple

8.Mr. Dumpu Delicious
You can get your favourite ice cream in three different sizes at Mr. Dumpu Delicious in Aundh: student, warrior, and master. Each size, of course, is priced differently. The student size will set you back INR 99, while the warrior and master sizes would set you back INR 149 and INR 210. When we say we’ve tried all their flavours, we’re not joking. Our favourite is anjeer and coconut. The Chocolate Eiffel Tower is yet another specialty.

Coolest Scoop: Chocolate Eiffel Tower

9.Cafe Chokolade
Cafe Chokolade is an ice cream paradise. Yes! You read it right, they serve the most luscious ice creams. Not only this, the cherry on the cake is that their ice creams are made of 100 % natural fresh ingredients, a great treat for all the weight-watchers. Enjoy a cup of delicious ice cream in the homely ambience of this cafe–what else can you expect from a place like this? Visit this ice cream parlour in Pune to tantalise yourself, and don’t forget to thank us later!

Coolest Scoop: Choco chip

10.Frozen Bottle
The Frozen bottle has the most scrumptious frozen ice creams, shakes desserts and much more! Frozen and delectable are the two words that are the perfect description of this unique concept. Starting off with Bangalore, it has grown to become one of India’s trendiest milkshake brands. All the vegetarians out there will be thrilled to know that all the desserts, shakes are ice cream are veg. Frozen Bottle is the birth of the 21st century which makes it contemporarily rich and well versed with the youth spectrum. It promises an experience worth remembering and recalls value for all its customers to the good old days.


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