What makes a happy couple?


We so wish there was a formula for a perfect relationship that we could apply and become one of the best sought couples around the world. However, no science, no technology has been able to get any such formula that could reveal the secret of being a happy couple. Today let us ask some people who are in a happy relationship the secret behind their awesome chemistry with each other.

Yogesh Pandey probably is one of those who won heart of his wife with his simplest yet amazing choice of words. When we asked him what possibly makes his compatibility and journey of love the most admirable, he said “Well, it’s a difficult question for me as I don’t find a reason to be sad when you are a couple! However, if I have to answer that then I would just quote Rumi, “Let the lover be disgraceful, crazy and absent-minded. Someone sober will worry about things going badly. Let the lover be.” And this is exactly the mantra.”

In simpler words, the first step is to be the way you are. You got your own charm and personality, when it is the same that made you both come closer to each other then why to change it? Voice your likes and dislikes to your partner and know your partner’s likes and dislikes. If there are some problems between both of you, just talk it out. Do not brush it off because the more you ignore, the more you collect baggage in your heart which is not a positive thing for a relationship. The more you talk about your emotions, the more you grow together in the relationship, making it a strong one. So, one of the mantra is to be communicative.

Anirudh Vasdev feels that if a couple is honest with each other and stands by each other in every situation no matter what then they are the strongest and happiest couple in the world. It also means that you and your partner both have to be aware of each other’s feeling and have immense respect for the same. If hurt or emotional, let your partner speak as much as they want, without any interruption and clarifies or asks questions after he or she gets over and situation gets better when they are able to make the hurt partner understand the reason behind it.

Expressing through gestures is another thing that makes a relationship better. Holding hands, cuddling, kissing brings another edge to the relationship- get privacy and spends a lot of time together. Cook, watch TV or just cuddle on bed and talk about how entire day has been, nothing can make you both feel better than this. Of course there would be differences between you both, but start respecting those differences and you would realise that nothing gets hard for you in the relationship. Treat your partner equal and be the better half.

Sanjana Saini feels that a happy couple is a blend of little beautiful things- good level of understanding, trust, love, having positive vibes about one another and support and so much more and Atharv Kapoor on the other hand feels that Love has such power that it can transform a person from within and makes a person fall in love with both- positive and worst side of a person and hence it is important to understand and respect each other.

Well, we completely agree to what Atharv has to say and others too. However, you got to experience the spark between you and your partner and keep doing little and bigger things to keep the flame of love ignited and keep each other happy.


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