Things to Know about Plant-Based Meat


What Is Plant-Based Meat

Plant-based meat products are made to replicate the properties found in the natural meats, they are considered as meat substitutes. Plant-based meat is fake meat made from plants and non-animal products, designed in such a way to strongly resemble, taste, even bleed like natural meat without lacking in nutritional value. It is said to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. Studies also show that the sales of plant-based meat are also increasing gradually.

What Are the Alternatives Used in Plant-Based Meat?

There are several ingredients used in plant-based meat in order to make to taste and smell like natural meat. Mostly it includes ingredients like soy and wheat protein to maintain the same nutritional value as natural meat.


Tofu can be a great alternative for meats such as chicken, beef, seafood, etc. as it has the amazing ability to absorb flavors. So it would help in depicting any type of meat without a change in taste. It is actually made from soybeans and is rich in calcium and protein.


Tempeh is often used as an alternative for recipes that involves fish. It is also made from soybeans but unlike tofu, it has a firmer and grainy texture. It is extremely rich in calcium and fibers.


The flavor of mushrooms is naturally meaty so it can be used as a great alternative for any meat recipe.

Beef is an excellent source of protein, zinc, vitamin B6, etc. So in order to make plant-based meat, the alternative used is a soy protein.

Tuna is an excellent source of protein, niacin, vitamin B12, and omega-3s. Loma Linda is a great plant-based alternative for tuna as it is rich in omega-3s.

Shrimp is rich in proteins and nutrients like B-vitamins and selenium. The alternative that is introduced for shrimp is made from seaweed.


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