Did you know the colour of your nail polish and the way you apply it can give a different shape to your digits? Here’s a rundown on how to nail it.

Perfecting the shape of your nails might seem as a tiny detail but it is an important step in getting flattering tips. Square, oval, round, almond and coffin are a few shapes that your nail specialist can give you. But here we won’t be talking about how to achieve these shapes but how choosing the right shade and following a few tricks of applying nail paint can help you win the mani game.

– Nude and light shimmery shades like baby pink and beige can make your fingers appear slimmer and longer. However, deep and dark colours have an opposite effect, so if you have short nails shades like plum, burgundy, black, deep blue and more should be avoided.

– Wide or square nails: These can be slimmed down to give an effect of longer nails by leaving the corners without polish, creating a curve. If this is difficult for you to achieve then after applying the lacquer remove it from corners using orange stick dipped in nail polish remover.

– Round Nails: The stubby, short nails can ruin your style. In order to add length and elegance to the tips leave a narrow strip on both sides of the nail bed free from polish. Use tape to get it correct, stick tape on both sides and then apply the paint to give them a slimmer look.

– Narrow nails: The ones those are longer and lesser in width. So how does one change their appearance? By giving an effect that makes them appear wider. Cut the nails to medium length and while you are coating them with your favourite lacquer leave the half-moon free. You can use paper hole reinforcement stickers to perfect the half-moon, apply them at the bottom before painting the tips. The left area will add width to your digits.

– Oval Nails: The prettiest of them all and also effortless as not much needs to be done to give them a perfect look. Simply apply the nail paint from bottom to the tip in three strokes and you’re good to go.

Don’t just read it’s time to try them out!


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