Relationship with child after divorce


When your marital life fails, do not let your child suffer for it. Explain quietly. Understand and accept that you are affected by your problem

In a divorce, it is often the children who are most affected because they are the ones who are forced to choose one of the two parents without making a mistake. They begin to yearn for the love of their parents. They are often left confused and do not know what to do. Being emotionally estranged from one or both parents, they suffer from numerous, profound sadness. Nowadays you can not deny for sure that parents often understand the needs of their children and take serious enough action. Denial is not good either.

Do not be late
If spending time effectively with children is one thing, the amount of time is also important. You need to allocate enough time for them regularly and you should pay more attention and care in their daily routine activities. Make time to play with them, take enough special time to build a special relationship between mother and child — that is, to set aside time for things that children can only talk to and do with their mother.

Try to understand their feelings
The ability to understand is essential. Understand that even if your children receive the best care and attention from you, they too will face difficulties. For most young children, not understanding why their parents are splitting up, grown children think they have been deceived. It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about.

Stay in tune with your ex-husband
The basis for your children to trust you is to feel safe when both parents are together. If there are any differences or problems between you, stay with the new perspective. Your new goal should be to take care of your child. Play with them and have fun. If you have a harmonious relationship with your ex-husband, plan to go out with the kids together once every few weeks. When going out, take care not to think in the child’s mind that the parents have bothered us.

Discipline children when necessary
Just because your children are facing a difficult environment, you do not have to allow their bad behavior. Be careful, do not allow them to take advantage of you for no reason. You do not have to be very strict, but you have to be disciplined.

When new people arrive, keep them introduced
When introducing new people into your child’s life, that is, when you or your spouse have a new life partner, introduce them to the children. Make your children feel loved and cherished so that they can understand and accept them.


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