Onion Juice- The Magic for Hair Growth!


Besides adding flavor to food, Onion works magic for hair re-growth and ceases many other hair issues. This kitchen ingredient is filled with the medical goodness of antifungal and antibacterial properties that keep hair loss and hair thinning at bay. There are many other benefits of onion while using it in your hair, let’s take a deeper look at some!

1. Onions have high dietary sulfur (a nutritional element our body needs) that supports hair get stronger and thicker, eliminating the breakage.

2. This act as an apt nourishing agent that helps restores the lost nutrients in the scalp.

3. Onions have natural antioxidant components that help in reversing the premature graying hair.

4. The anti-bacterial property in this magic ingredient helps fight infectious scalp, dandruff and lice.

5. Using this regularly will give stronger and shinier hair permanently.

6. The best thing to say is that this amazing item improves blood circulation which helps in hair growth.

7. If you have itchy or dry scalp, this onion juice will help you regain its moisture.

How to prepare Onion Extract?

First, peel the onion and cut them into pieces. Now, blend it finely and filter it. Take the extracted juice and massage it in your scalp for best results.


  • After applying the onion juice, never leave your hair more than 30minutes that may lead to sickness.

  • If you feel it has a strong smell, then you can go for a good shampoo while hair washing.


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