Miraculous Benefits of Skipping Rope Exercise For Your Body


Skipping is great for your overall fitness, whether it’s part of a warm-up or included in your main exercise session. Skipping has to be one of the cheapest exercises available. You need minimal equipment, minimal space and you can practice just about anywhere-indoors or out.

A)Increases Bone Density:

Various studies have indicated that the best exercise to promote bone density in the body is to simply jump up and down for a short duration regularly, skipping ropes is an excellent exercise for this – not to mention, it is a super-fun activity. Those suffering from underlying injuries or illness related to depleting bone health, however, must consult their doctor before doing this exercise.

B)Sharpens Your Thinking:

According to the British Rope Skipping Association, skipping ropes helps in cardiovascular functioning of your body which in turn helps to improve the functioning of the brain as well. This exercise helps to develop the thinking ability and it also helps to react faster,this is the major reason why boxers, MMA fighters and even ballet dancers perform this exercise regularly. It is believed that skipping ropes or simply jumping helps in the development of the left and right hemispheres of the brain – this helps in improving spatial awareness, memory and makes you more alert

C)Keeps Heart Healthy:

Skipping is a great exercise to elevate your heart rate without taking much time. As compared to running, walking, cycling or swimming, it doesn’t require a large space,expensive treadmill or a bicycle.

D)Weight Loss:

Constantly jumping up and down at the same place consume a lot of energy which in turn burn more calories than half an hour of jogging! The practice of jumping rope burns calories much faster than some well-known cardiovascular exercises. It takes very less time to reach your fitness goals.

E)Improves coordination:

Skipping helps to improve the body’s coordination by combining the movement of the hands with the feet. This is the reason why boxers and other sports persons incorporate skipping into their training.It  also  improves  reaction and reflexes.

F)Reduces Injury Risk:

It strengthens the bones and joints in the feet. It stabilizes joints in the ankle and feet and strengthens the ligaments and tendons by holding them in place.

G)Improves Breathing:

Skipping is a great activity for improving your performance in endurance sports, as it helps to improve your lung capacity. Constantly jumping at one place allows your lungs to adjust your breathing function and helps to breathe more efficiently while running long distances, swimming or cycling for a long time. Skipping regularly can also improve your performance in other sports – especially in field sports of higher competitive levels.

H)A Full-Body Workout:

It helps to tone and shape multiple muscles in the body at the same time,as a full-body workout. The rotational movement of the arms and jumping tone the biceps, triceps as well as the shoulders,the glutes, thighs and the calf muscles to a large extent.



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