I’ve had my fair share of relationships -Regina Cassandra True story


Regina Cassandra is portrayed as an innocent and quiet girl in most films, but in real life she seems to be anything but. I was always rebellious and stubborn, she smiles. Reminiscing about a funny incident, Regina says she once knocked on the door of a candy store in the middle of the night and lied about being pregnant to get her favorite sweet. It happened last year in Bangalore. It was around 12 in the night and I suddenly got a craving for mishti doi.

I found the place open, but the shopkeeper had closed the shop by the time I reached it, so he refused to give it to me. I lied to him that I was pregnant. I even told him that God would bless him if he helped a pregnant woman, and he laughed, and my friends were shocked and worried if the shopkeeper told anyone that Regina was pregnant. Fortunately, nothing like that happened. My mother has many such stories about me. I have done many crazy things in life and will continue to do so!

In Selvaraghavan Nenjam Marappathillai she is a fun girl but something to watch out for. It will definitely make an impact, says Regina. Selva sir characterization of the heroine is always unique and something to say. In fact, each character will have equal importance and this will not be a film that glorifies a single hero. Some people say that Selva Sir’s films are dark and difficult to understand. I agree, but his movie is unimaginative. How he writes or films a scene is very difficult to predict or understand. Regina says she is very excited to see a horror film through her eyes.

About her role she says, I play a nanny who lives in a rich man’s house. Although Mariam (her name in the film) seems simple, her character is very complex. Even the first look poster has a close-up shot of my rosary around my neck. It means that she is a very religious woman and has a lot of faith in God.

People in the industry have their own judgment on artistes. When I was signed for this film, many people told me to back off saying that it is not easy to act with Selvaragawan and that he gets angry easily. But it was quite the opposite. He was good to all of us and pranked me before the shoot. He recalls a funny incident, I was staying at ECR because some important scenes of the film were shot there. Selva sir called me once at night and asked me where I was staying. I said I am in a bungalow alone in ECR. He just asked, are you sure your bungalow is not haunted?

I was afraid that!

Regina has also done some stunts for the project. Yes, I also had a few scenes on the ropes. It was very exciting. But my co-star Nandita had more stunt scenes than me. He even has a high-octane fight scene with SJ Surya. He had a pleasant experience working with Suriya. He is someone who has no ego. He never waits for someone to smile or say hi. He does not expect others to come and talk to him. He is a great actor and a good person.

But Regina has been committed to doing only one Tamil film a year for a long time. Prod her, and she says, I can do more films, but it’s like proving that I belong in this industry too. My characters should stand out. I am happy to have acted in films like KD Billa Gilladi Ranga, Rajathantram. At the end of the day, I want to do good films. Is that why he doesn’t take glamorous roles in the south? This is not intentional. I didn’t get any such roles. But you will see another side of me in my film with Atharva. I’ve gone for a makeover and it’s very modern.

Although she doesn’t take on glamorous roles, Regina has always made sure to turn up the glamor on the red carpet. Her recent, bold look at IIFA also sparked controversy. I wanted to wear something different and create my own path. Things can go wrong in style. International artists like Jennifer Lopez wear risque outfits all the time. I know people will definitely comment on my outfit and tell me to cover up! Someone to expose someone



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