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Every woman want to look captivating by doing an amazing makeup, no matter to which age they belong! From an old one to the adult lady, and even a teenage girl. They know well how to do a makeup-over, and transform their look to an effervescent beauty.

But, how to make sure the makeup-over which you have done is really worth appreciating or not? in my view, a perfect makeupover is something which makes many heads turn to look back at you, when your looks at first glance looks so appealing that it compels others to ask you “whether you’ve done it on your own, or it’s a magic done by another expert hand?” doesn’t it sound like it takes your game to next level?

It’s absolutely possible! In this post, we’re going to guide you how to do your makeup like a pro from prepping skin to making eyes stand out. Before we jump down to our makeup guidelines, always remember that a good skin care is a key foundation for a perfect makeup. The better you take care of your skin, the better your makeup will look.

1.Moisturize your entire face before makeup
Making your skin soft before starting makeup works like a post preparation to make your skin smooth and ready for a heavy makeover. Using a brand, or top quality moisturizer serum is really important. Pour it in your hands, and massage on your skin.

Then use hydrating eye cream, it’s a good option for all skin types. While applying eye cream, start with pea-sized, and use ring finger to massage on your skin. Smooth it on under eye area. The purpose of doing this is, to achieve a well-hydrated smooth surface texture, so your makeup will apply effortlessly.

Now, get vitamin enriched face moisturizer, it makes your skin smooth and soft like a butter. Now apply lip balm to make it ready for lip color.

2.Apply Corrector & Concealer
Now, using concealer, blend brush which should be a synthetic flat paddle brush. Start from the inner corner of the eye, and brush it along the lash line. Then using long smooth strokes, apply the color wherever you see discoloration under the eye, then look at the mirror, you’ll see a visible brightness under the eye along with neutralizing of that discoloration.

It’s time to layer concealer on top of the corrector. Pick a right corrector, and apply under the entire eye since it’s a yellow based skin tone which you have to match up with the entire skin of the face. When you get done with applying a nice, clean, and smooth layer, then press it with your ring finger

3.Choose Foundation According to your skin type
When it comes to applying foundation, the makeup artists prefer long wear weightless foundation, it’s an incredible product which gives a long-term miniaturization, but it’s also resistant against sweat, water, and humidity.

So, first lay down the foundation, then touch up with skin foundation stick wherever you think you need. Blend it well using a foundation brush. This tool allows you to get all coverage with very little effort. I will prefer to get the professional brush set China to get best results.

4.Trick to apply powder on your face
The powder smoothes and finishes the complexion, it gets rid of unwanted shine, and it sets the under the eye. The creamy concealer comes with setting powder, pick it up with eye blender brush. It’s a small powder brush that applies just the right amount of powder so gently.

Press powder in on top of the concealer after you’ve applied an even layer, then you can use soft brushing strokes just to dust an excess off. Now, powder the rest of face sheer, the finish powder comes in skin tone correct shade, so it matches the foundation perfectly and enhances the skin tone using a powder brush, you can be really focused with your application, and apply powder through the t-zone first, that’ where you will see unwanted shine or want to control oil throughout the day.

5.Illuminate your skin with Bronzer
A little bit of warmth bronzer is an essential item if you’re looking to warm define or illuminate the skin. Take a bronzer brush to pick up the color from the compact. Start on the forehead, blend down through the cheeks, blend down below the cheekbone along the jawline into the chin, and down through the neck.

While using blush, layer it on top of bronze. Place the color high on the apple of the cheek, it’ll add a brighter look to your makeup.

7.Take a luxe lip color
Lip color is one of the favorite activity of all ladies and girls around the world. The lip color gives a satin finish and full coverage. Well, when you apply lip color, then apply it straight out of the bullet, or apply it with a lip brush.

For precision, apply lip color first, then go for a lip liner, this will make your lip liner blend more seamlessly into your lip color. You can also use the same color or deeper shades depending on your natural lip tone.

8.Add definition to the eyes
Never forget to fill in the brows, remember that flattering brow is naturally defined and shaped, and it also helps in framing the face. I will prefer to use dark brow kit that comes in two shades to either define the brow or just fill it. Just make sure, the head of your brow is brushed up.

Start only where you see sparse areas, and fill them at the arch for optimum lift, and finish off in the tail of the brow by tapering off to a fine point.

9.Use long wear an eye base
It extends the wear of your eye powder, and eye shadow for at least eight hours. Always choose light eye shade.

10.Finish off with Smokey mascara
Do you know that Smokey eye is every makeup artist’s favorite one? However, before starting your mascara, first curl up your lashes, it looks open and awake. The perfect trick to applying mascara is, do this work in three segments; outside, center, and inner corner, so you make sure to coat every single lash use all parts of the wand.



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