Hair Care – The natural way

Hair Care – The natural way

If you want beautiful hair you need Hair Care – The natural way, it is really necessary to maintain your hair with some natural hair care techniques regularly. Hair is made of a stretchy protein called keratin. Every hair has a life cycle, hair grows about one half inch per month or six inches in one year and it is pretty much natural for hair to fall out. It is perfectly normal to lose from 50 to 100 hairs per day.

Reasons for hair care

There are several reasons for hair loss such as environmental pollution, over medication, hormonal changes, poor diet and stress.

Here are few natural ways to protect your hair

  1. Good hygiene is an essential part of maintaining hair health.
  2. Avoid hot water as it will dry you hair out. Instead use Luke warm water just a bit above your body temperature.
  3. Use less cleanser like shampoo; shampooing hair is not necessary for good health as it removes natural oils form your hair.
  4. Avoid using hair dryers as a result the heat can make your scalp dry and hair flaky.
  5. Don’t frequently wash your hair; wash once every 2 to 3 days is sufficient so your hair can regulate nature hair oils.
  6. To avoid breakage do not tie your hair too tight therefore avoid using head, hair bands.
  7. Avoid touching your hair often as there is oil on your finger which will make hair limp and lackluster.
  8. Don’t brush your hair when it is wet as hair is vulnerable it can easily be torn or broken with bristles of hair brush.
  9. Trim your hair regularly at least once every six weeks to get rid of split ends.
  10. As pools have chemicals apply a little bit conditioner to your hair before you jump into the pool or cover using use swim cap.
  11. Stress can cause sudden hair loss. Minimizing stress through exercise, meditation yoga and massages will reduce your chances of  hair loss.
  12. Moisturize your hair with natural oil like coconut oils, castor oil or avocado oil  so it helps keeping the hair smooth, frizz-free and shiny.
  13. Protect your hair from the Sun; wear a hat or a scarf over your head for sun and ultraviolet ray’s protection.
  14. Avoid styling your hair using curling iron, flat iron and hair dryers as they lead to split ends.
  15. Apply UV protection spray if you are going to get exposed to the sun for a long time.
  16. Avoid hair color, perms and chemical smothers as it tends to dry out your hair.
  17. Ageing tends to slow down our hair growth.Hair strands get smaller and have less pigment, and hair becomes thinner, finer, and grey. Maintaining health protein diet helps repair, grow and strengthens hair.
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