Glaucoma might be an immune system malady-Studies Suggest!


Glaucoma is a complex eye disease in which fluid pressure within eye rises, which leads to various damages in eye’s optic nerve, retina and loss of vision if left untreated. This disease affects millions of people worldwide and in one of the recent research; it’s found that glaucoma may be an autoimmune disorder. In a study of mice, from which this mystery finding goes viral because of knowing that the body’s own T cells (defense against the microbes) are responsible for the progressive retinal deterioration observed in glaucoma.

Besides, these T cells have all the earmarks of being prepared to assault retinal neurons as the aftereffect of past cooperation’s with microscopic organisms that regularly live in our body, said the investigation distributed in the diary Nature Communications. The disclosure recommends that it was conceivable to grow new medications for glaucoma by hindering this immune system movement

One of the greatest hazard factors for glaucoma is hoisted weight in the eye, which frequently happens as individual’s age and the pipes that enable liquid to deplete from the eye wind up blocked. The ailment frequently goes undetected at first and patients may not understand they have the infection until the point when half of their retinal ganglion cells have been lost. Most medications center on bringing down pressure in the eye (otherwise called intraocular weight). Be that as it may, in numerous patients, the malady intensifies even after intraocular weight comes back to ordinary.

They additionally distinguished the objective of the T cells: warm stun proteins, fabricated by both human cells and the microscopic organisms dwelling inside us.

With proper treatment, one can save their eyes from glaucoma disease.


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