Five Skincare Mistakes You’re Probably Making


Skincare products are meant to hydrate and moisturize your skin, not leave it feeling greasy or sticky. But if that’s how your skin feels after applying your skincare products, then there’s definitely something wrong. Your skin should be able to absorb the product within five minutes of application. If it’s not doing that, you need to find out why.

Sticky skin will attract excess dirt and grime from the surrounding. This situation can be quite disastrous for the oily skin type, which already produces excess oil. Hence, it is necessary to find out why and address it ASAP to prevent nasty skin problems.

Here are some five common mistakes that most of us do,

A)Using an expired product

If your skincare product worked well all this time and has suddenly started making your skin sticky and greasy then it’s time to check the expiry date. In fact, keeping your skincare product in front of sunlight can also change its texture and efficiency. So, it is advised to store your product in a cool, dark place.

B)Not giving products enough time to absorb

Skincare products require a few minutes to get absorbed into the skin. Layering one product after the other will leave a sticky residue on the surface and prevent the products from doing their job. Therefore, give each product enough time to get absorbed into the before moving on to the next one. We have simplified this process for you here.

C)Applying too much product

Portion size matters a lot when it comes to skincare. Using too much product is not going to give you faster or better results.Your skin has the capacity to absorb only certain amount of product and the rest will stay on the surface and makes your skin sticky. Every product in your skincare routine, right from sunscreen to night cream, should be used in the right proportion.

D)Using the wrong product

Every skin type has different concerns and, therefore, different needs. If you have oily skin and you are using a product meant for dry skin, it will only aggravate your skin problems and make absorption difficult. Using the right formula and ingredient is super important when it comes to skincare products. Here’s a list of ingredients that work best for each skin type.

E)Not following the right order of application

Applying skincare products one after the other may seem like a simple job, but it’s not that easy. Following the right order of application will ensure product efficacy.


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