Do you know what are the signs of falling in love with a man and a woman?


If your boyfriend is your favorite and he wants to marry you too, these are the symptoms he will show.

When you date a man for a long time, the way he behaves may have made your mind happy. You may want to choose him as your partner.

But you can tell by certain signs whether he has a friendly relationship with you or whether he intends to have a closer relationship with you. Let’s see what the symptoms are.

May publish wedding interest

Most men see marriage as a healthy relationship. So when they think they are the best in their relationship the first thing that comes to mind is the female friend who can talk and get used to.

Do you know how a husband behaves on the first night to fully receive his wife’s love?

He will talk to you about marriage because he understands you. Whenever he speaks his eyes are like something talking to your eyes. You can feel his love if you continue to care.

Be careful when speaking

The word “we” appears more often than the word “I”, even though it’s mostly about him when he speaks. The word we appear more often than not in the period of friendship. The word “we” appears more often when talking about future plans.

He will find you even if you are in a circle of friends and will refer to you as you describe future plans and actions. This can also be taken as a sign if we say that we are in the presence of you or someone else.

He keeps talking about marriage

He will keep talking to you about it while attending weddings and looking at the records of the wedding. He would only talk about the positive things about marriage.

He will also ask you for advice on this. If he keeps talking about it you can trust that he wants to marry you.

Will be natural

You will find little reservation when it comes to friendship. In addition to the presence of friends there will be that reservation. But if they want to marry you they will not follow the reservation to you.

Will be natural. There will be friendships with minor rights. He will be around you despite all the friends This is also a sign that he wants to marry you

Introduce the family

He invites you to spend time with his family. Even if you are already acquainted he will involve you more to spend time with his family.

His family will naturally treat you as if he cares about you and your family. They will get you involved when they talk about their family.

Sharing beyond friendship

Beyond friendly love he will also give you importance in his advice on personal matters. His key decisions will all be based on your comments.

He will ask you as if you do not know how to make decisions even in small things. Even if these are childish, this is also an expression of the love that will marry you.

He will give you visions every day

The two of you will occasionally meet in a circle of friends. If your appointment is once a month he will gradually come to visit you twice a month, once a week and twice a week on a daily basis. There will be unsalted reasons for that. Plus you can meet him wherever you go. All of this is an expression of his desire.

He will share in your sorrows

If you are happy he will be happy too. If you have any concerns he will try to resolve it. He will find out what your feelings are.

The love and kindness that is inherent in a friend though may reflect alone. If he approaches you emotionally it can be taken as a sign that he will stand by you all the time to support you in both pleasant and uncomfortable situations.

Only the eyes meet and talk

Usually the person who talks to you will only meet your eyes when they want you to. The eyes are usually wandering. That’s normal through speech. But his eyes will only meet yours when he speaks. You can feel that He loves you completely if His vision meets you wherever you go.

Will express love directly

All of the above symptoms would be an expression of his love. In this case, you would have started liking him too. Your mind will also depend on his mind.


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