If you’ve heard of the proverb, “An apple a day keeps the Doctor away”, then surely one must add to their diet list. It’s common about getting apple in grocery stores. Well, you might not have heard about green apples than those red apples. Do you know that green apples are healthier than red ones? Being little sour, tangy and sweet in taste, they have a lot of benefits that keeps the proverbial doctor away. So, here are few advantages that should be kept in mind while shopping this nutritious and delicious fruit on your next grocery run.

Increases Metabolism

Green apples have high fiber content than red ones which help increasing the body metabolism rate. The apple also helps in body detoxification process and keeps the digestive and liver system from unsafe elements.

Tip: ‘Never toss the peel in trash because consuming the apple with peel develops the overall health.’

Low Fat

As the green apple has low-fat content, it helps in maintaining blood flow in the body. It’s a fact that improving the blood circulation prevents heart diseases from coming. It’s also rich in Vitamin K that heals the blood clots and wounds.

Rich in Vitamins

The delicious green apple is an excellent source of Vitamin A and C which keeps the skin from radiations and reduces the risk of skin cancer. They not just invigorate the skin also improves the hair quality, protect vision, prevents Asthma and strengthen immune system.

Good for Bones

There’s no fruit like green apples that are gifted with not just one but many abilities. Apart from vitamin and minerals, they’re quite rich in calcium that helps in strengthening bones and teeth.

Fights against Aging Issue

Well, adding this amazing fruit to our skincare routine helps you glow skin. This apple acts as antioxidant nourishing the skin and slow down the aging process making you young. They also help in eliminate dark circles to the extent improvising the texture of skin.


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