30 Popular Snacks from Around the World


People love snacks. Not just here in the United States, but from around the globe. If you’ve ever wondered what people from other countries like to snack on, here’s a list of some of the more popular go-to snacks in thirty-six countries. Some are sweet, some are savory… and some are traditional foods made with native ingredients. Next time you plan to travel, try seeking out one of these delicious snacks.

1. England – Jaffa CakesJaffa Cakes are often a staple to munch on for the English. These little bites of goodness consist of a Genoise sponge base topped with a layer of orange-flavored jam and a coating of chocolate.

2. Ireland – Tayto CrispsIreland, Tayto Crisps is a favorite for those who enjoy a savory snack. Popular flavors include Cheese & Onion, Salt & Vinegar, and Smokey Bacon.

3. France – LU CookiesThese buttery biscuits topped with chocolate are popular in France. While they might not cause you to recall childhood memories when dipped in tea, LU cookies will certainly have you going back for a second (and third).

4. Italy – Biscotti CookiesEveryone loves Biscotti cookies, but perhaps none more than the Italians. These almond biscuits originated in the city of Prato and are twice baked, crunchy, and sometimes dipped in a drink, typically Vin Santo.

5. Germany – CrunchipsThe Paprika-flavored Crunchips are a favorite potato chip among Germans.

6. Spain – Churros & ChocolateAlthough you won’t find Churros y Chocolaté in a vending machine or pre-packaged, it’s hard not to mention them in regards to snacks in Spain. Churros are made of fried dough and sometimes sprinkled with sugar.

7. Finland – Karl Fazer Milk Chocolateommonly called Fazer Blue, Finland loves to snack on delicious milk chocolate from time to time.

8. Poland – Delicje CookiesSimilar to Jaffa Cakes, Delicje cookies are made of a spongy biscuit for a base and topped with fruit jelly and chocolate. Mmmm.

9. Hungary – Langos ChipsIf you’ve ever visited Poland, then you’re probably familiar with Lángos. It’s a popular street food made from deep-fried dough and is usually topped with sour cream, cheese, and other toppings.

10. Sweden – DjungelvralLovers of black licorice rejoice! A popular snack in Sweden, Djungelvral, is exactly that. Except it’s coated with salt.

11. Russia – White Mushroom and Sour Cream Lay’s ChipsAs a global brand, Lay’s potato chips has plenty of interesting flavors you might not have had or even heard about. In Russia, white mushroom and sour cream is a popular choice.

12. Turkey – Eti Cin CookiesIn Turkey, Eti Cin Cookies are a favorite snack. They’re made with orange jelly and chocolate sprinkles.

13. Israel – Bamba, OsemBamba, Osem is at once soft and crunch, sweet and savory, and is one of the top-selling snacks in Israel. Since it contains 50% peanuts, Bamba Osem is marketed as a healthy snack.

14. Greece – Pasteli Perhaps the oldest snack on the list, Pasteli has been consumed by Greeks since ancient times. It’s a snack bar made up of a delicious mix of honey and sesame seeds.

15. Iran – Lavashak AnarThis popular snack from Iran is basically a homemade fruit rollup.

16. India – KurkureKurkure is an Indian version of Cheeto’s, except it combines tangy, spicy, and sweet together.

17. China – Wang Wang Snow CookiesWang Wang Snow Cookies are a popular snack in China. They’re crispy and are both sweet and savory, though the sugary coating make them a little more sweet.

18. Vietnam – VinamitThese jackfruit chips are a go-to snack in Vietnam.

19. Thailand – Hajima Salmon Skinned SnacksFishskin snacks are popular in Thailand, and they’re also (allegedly) healthier.

20. South Korea – Crown Butter WafflesBasically waffles as snacks. What could be better?

21. Japan – PockyPocky is a chocolate-coated biscuit stick popular in Japan.

22. Phillipines – Cheese RingCheesy goodness in a ring-shaped snack makes Cheese Ring popular in the Philippines.

23. Australia – Tim TamA popular snack in Australia, Tim Tam consists of two malted biscuits with a layer of chocolate filling in between.

24. New Zealand – Whittaker’s Peanut SlabIt’s a delicious slab of chocolate and peanuts.

25. Canada – Jos Louis Snack CakesCanada’s version of Hostess snacks, Jos Louis Snack Cakes consist of red velvet, icing, and a chocolate coating.

26. Iceland – MatarkexThis fairly basic biscuit is a popular snack in Iceland and it’s pretty versatile: you can eat it out of the package, dip it in tea or coffee, or spread some butter on it.

27. Argentina – Cofler ChocolatesIn Argentina, chocolatey and almondy goodness rules. Cofler chocolate bars are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

28. Bolivia – SalteñasOften served as a breakfast dish, Salteñas are a type of empanada often filled with peas, carrots, tomatoes, and meat.

29. Brazil – PassatempoThese vanilla wafer cookies with chocolate cream in the middle are a favorite snack among Brazilians.

30. Colombia – GansitoGansito is a popular snack in all of South America, including Colombia. It’s similar to the Twinkie.



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